pharmaceutic, food, medical

Rangincaman manufacturing industries complex

Rangin Kaman Company started presenting its activities to domestic and foreign industries using experienced personnel in the field of production of various wrappers for medical, food, pharmaceutical and health packaging based on technical knowledge and practical experiences in 1997 in the north of Iran, Guilan
,and it is proud to leave a brilliant and good record in offering the best products to the needs of its customers and playing an important role as one of the leading private sector companies in the self-sufficiency and prosperity of the country's industry in producing CPP film and CPP plastic products and being the first manufacturer of advanced CPP plastics.

printing medical papers and wrappers for the consumption of medical, food and health equipment is another product of this company. All products of this company are produced under the control of medical equipment department administration of Iran, and have the best quality and international standards.



Utilizing staff’s participation and the latest knowledge to improve the quality of the products continuously at the organizational processes


Producing quality products (doing the best we can to serve the customers is a goal, not a slogan)

Increase productivity

Planning to reduce waste and increase productivity with the participation of personnel


Maintaining the current market while achieving new markets to increase customers’ satisfaction and export.


Cooperation with standard departments and National Medical Device Directorate and products standardization.

scientific knowledge increase

Planning to increase the scientific and applied knowledge of the staff through communication with universities and scientific centers

Quality Control

Derailed documentation of direct processes including production and quality control

Every day better than yesterday

Doing the current affairs of the company and the requests of the customers with the slogan of every day better than yesterday

Rangincaman company meets the needs of the costumers using experienced personnel in various fields to produce industrual food, pharmaceutical and hygienic wrapper.